Madison’s Shooting Star Halie

Halie is a 65 lb. chocolate female with tons of drive and an eagerness to please. At just a few weeks old, she wanted to be the first to get in my lap when I would sit down to play with all of the puppies in her litter.

However, she was also the first to go and investigate a new area. She is a strong swift swimmer and with a keen sense of sight and hearing, she has the “go all day” attitude and has retrieved hundreds of pheasants, doves, ducks and geese.

Even so, she is also calm and loving; she is a pleasure both in the field and at home… My girl, Halie.


Halies Pedigree



Tex’s Straight Shooting Parker

Parker is a 60 lb. chocolate male. The best words to describe Parker are ‘heart,’ ‘determination,’ ‘endless drive’; “eagerness to please,” is an understatement. He is so determined to do his job that he will go until he literally drops.

He does not know when to stop and when you make him sit out a round, you’d better have a strong dog box to hold him back. He has retrieved it all and I wish I had had the opportunity to field trial him; he could have been my chance at my own champion.

Parker has been the joy of my life and what a fireball! My son, Parker.


Parkers Pedigree

Gone but not Forgotten


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October 28, 1998 – February 22, 2014


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March 28, 1004 – July 12, 2006


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November 17, 1990 – June 15, 2002